Other Excellent Online Help

If you are looking for help with Chemistry, I am happy to recommend Dr Ezi Williams, a friend from a previous school and an outstanding tutor. Please visit to find out more.

Dr Sophie Breese is another contact from a previous school and an excellent tutor that I recommend for anyone looking for English tutoring and English enrichment. Her website is

For music teachers, I am happy to recommend the Let's Get Musical! This is a complete course of engaging, practical music lessons for secondary school (ages 11-18), including performing, composing and listening activities. Individual pupil workbooks are available for Years 7, 8 and 9, and a complete workbook for GCSE Music (Years 10-11). In addition, there are textbooks for A Level Music (Years 12-13) and a Teacher's Guide for Years 7-9. All of these books are available directly from via the link above (both as hard copies and as e-books), along with quizzes and audio/video links.

Researching and Writing

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