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Years of Experience and Proven Results

Chris Hack in Japan in front of the Kinkakuji temple outside Kyoto

I have always loved Physics and Maths. They were my favourite subjects at school, but I realise not everyone feels that way. I really enjoy the satisfaction of helping all young people have a positive experience of these subjects. My undergradute degree is in Experimental and Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge, and I have been teaching since 2008. My strong academic background means I am able to support students all the way to Oxbridge entrance level, with dozens of my students winning places over the years. At the same time, my in-depth subject knowledge means I can support all pupils, regardless of their ability or background. This is all proven in my years teaching Physics and leading the Physics department at St Paul's Girls' School and Magdalen College School (two of the UK's most successful private schools). Through my years of experience, I have gained the reputation to guarantee great results, and the skills to get my students to excel in Science and Maths.

Outside of Physics and Maths I am passionate about classical music, playing violin and piano with my young family. I recently completed an MA Education in my spare time (being awarded a Distinction for my work) and also have an interest in Japanese language and culture. In the picture above I am visiting the Kinkakuji Zen temple on the outskirts of Kyoto.

If you need an experienced Physics Tutor, feel free email me so we can set up an initial evaluation session at your convenience. Please email Chris Hack at

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